Our Philosophy

We view individual oral health as one component in the development of long-term community health & wellness. Our practice is rooted in prevention & early intervention, including integration with other health disciplines. We welcome all pediatric patients, infant through teenager, including those with special medical & behavioral needs.


We are Hawaii's premier pediatric dental office, offering  a First-Class, one-on-one healthcare experience that is focused on the wellness of each individual child. We schedule families individually. We do not double-book our schedule, and we are not a "discount" or "high-volume" office.   


Our Priorities

The question that guides every aspect of our practice is:

“how is this action in the best interest of this individual child?”

Our immediate priorities are the safety and immediate oral health of your child.  This requires our dental team to be effective and efficient, in a manner that is prompt, cooperative, and minimizes risk, while still being sensitive and kind.

A second goal is helping you learn how to prevent future oral health problems for your family. This involves identifying healthy personal choices, and encouraging the best decisions surrounding your family's diet, daily hygiene, and lifestyle.

Our third goal is to provide experiences that foster the ongoing development of healthy habits and emotions.  We are happy to work in an integrative manner with other health disciplines to promote the health of you and your family, and prevent future problems at root causes. Our collaborative interests include Pediatricians, Child Psychologists, Nutritional Counselors, and Exercise Therapists.

Our priorities and goals are centered on your individual child, yet they overlap with our larger goals of contributing to a community that is full of healthy and responsible citizens - children and adults. This is our long-term goal.





Appointment Center

808-735-BLUE (2583)

(we return missed calls promptly, so please call and leave a voice message)

Office Hours

By appointment, including: EVENINGS & WEEKENDS


Kaimuki Office
3660 Waialae Ave.
Suite 201
Honolulu, HI 96816

Waimea Office
64-5191 Kinohou St.
Waimea, HI 96743