Insurance and Payments

We are Hawaii's premier pediatric dental office, offering  First-Class, personal, and compassionate dental care that is focused on each individual child.  

Parents appreciate the calm and respectful one-on-one experience they have at our practice. We schedule families individually. We do not double-book our schedule, and we are not a "discount" and not a "high-volume" office.  

At our Oahu office, we accept and process most private and military insurance plans, including TRICARE. We are in-network with HDS, and Delta insurance plans, and we are happy to do the claims processing for all other major carriers, like Aetna, MetLife, and Cigna.

At our Big Island office, we accept TRICARE, and are in-network for HDS, and Delta insurance plans.  Families with other plans are always welcome as "fee for service." We will collect full payment from you at the time of service, and we will submit all the insurance forms needed for you to receive a reimbursement payment from your insurance company.   

As part of our role in the community, we accept Medicaid/Quest payments for dental services delivered in a hospital-based general anesthesia setting only.  For care delivered in our normal office setting, families with Quest are welcomed on a "fee for service" basis.  Many families with Quest choose to pay privately to come to our office, because of our safety, customer service, and our high-quality and esthetic treatment options for children.  

For everyone, our goal is a positive clinical experience for your child, while still maintaining reasonable fees for the first-class service we provide. Any final co-payments will depend on the insurance coverage you have independently selected or purchased for your family.  As mentioned in our description of "Clinical Options" most insurance plans only partially cover white fillings or aesthetic white crowns. Co-payments are common for these procedures. Co-payments or charges for any uncovered services will be collected on the day of the service.  Final insurance payments may take months to fully process, and may be different from co-pay estimates our office creates.  Sometimes this requires financial adjustments be made months after an appointment. 

Broken Appointment Policy: We respect your time

We are a relaxed and happy office, yet we do have some basic rules for grown- ups.

Your time is important, and we will be ready to serve you and your kids. Unlike many medical and dental offices, we do not double book our schedule. This allows you to receive focused and attentive care, but requires everyone be on-time.  

When unexpected events interfere with scheduled appointments:

  • At our Oahu location only: for appointments that are suddenly cancelled or rescheduled by our office with less than 24 hours notice to you, we offer you a $60 office credit to your account (to be used toward future charges). Similarly, we offer this credit if we have made you wait in our waiting room for more than 40 minutes past your scheduled appointment time, if you were properly on time. This does not apply in Waimea, because we fly in from Oahu, and airline and travel delays may occur.

  • At both offices: appointments that are broken by patients with less than 24 hours notice - for any reason, including sudden illness, traffic, or forgetfulness - there will be a $60 fee per scheduled patient. This pays for a portion of the staff and office time we have reserved for that family. Similarly, arriving late for an appointment may prevent our team from properly treating your family, and the appointment may be considered broken.

  • A family that flakes or breaks the first office appointment with us is invited to pursue a relationship with another dental office.

  • Exceptions to these rules will be made for large scale natural disasters, such as hurricanes or tsunamis, or ballistic missile threats.

Hopefully you agree that these rules are fair, and remind all of us to treat each other with basic courtesy and respect.  





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